Right From The Government’s Mouth

Right From The Government’s Mouth

Don’t take my word for it about the robots. Let the government explain it to you. They do a much better job.


Star Wars Droid Army Could Happen Here

Star Wars Droid Army Could Happen Here

Several Atlas robots are being provided as Government Furnished Equipment for the DARPA Robotics Challenge program with delivery scheduled in the summer of 2013.

Wouldn’t it be hard to get away from one of these guys? Especially if you had the RFID chip implanted for medical reasons.

Sen. Rand Paul Wins Tennessee Presidential Straw Poll

What About Rand Paul For President?

The Liberty Paper

A straw poll was conducted at the annual Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) convention in Nashville, Tennessee last Saturday. The convention was attended by more than 600 activists, state legislators and donors. A total of 373 votes were cast in the poll, which asked, “If the 2016 GOP Presidential primary was held today who would you cast your vote for?” Rand Paul took a total of 58% of the total votes cast. These results come in just after Rand Paul won another Presidential straw poll with a strong majority in Pennsylvania at the PA Leadership Conference. Rand Paul also won the coveted CPAC Presidential straw poll at this year’s convention. Multiple super PACs were in attendance at the TRA convention supporting a Rand Paul for President ticket.

Results from TRA Convention:


  • Bachman, M = 4
  • Cruz, T = 21
  • DeMint, J = 12
  • Gingrich, N = 10
  • Lee, M = 2
  • Palin…

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Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory

Have you heard about this conspiracy theory going around. Apparently some people believe that the good old USA had some type of sinister plot to plant bombs at the Boston marathon. Now let’s see…what’s the best way to plant bombs in an inconspicuous manner? Oh I know. Dress in military gear and stand right by the bombs – just to see if people are paying attention. I don’t think so people!

After the set off their 2 bombs do ya think maybe the good old USA military picked up their bombs and said, “Sorry, you guys were here first? We’ll just pick up our bombs and go home. Nothing to worry about. If anyone notices we’ll just call them conspiracy theorists.

Ya. That’s probably how it went down. NOT. 

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world. I’m so glad you came. I will be bringing you my ideas and views on anything and everything that I think is important. I am a woman and I reserve the right to contradict myself if necessary and to change my mind for no apparent reason. Group therapy on the internet. Who’ da ever thunk it?